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Aktivera NMEA i TMX-2050 – Autopilot

NMEA messages

Glöm inte att aktivera NMEA utdata först under inställningar. To set the NavController to output NMEA messages:

1. At the Autopilot Diagnostics screen, tap Performance under Autopilot.
2. Tap the Advanced tab.
3. In the TAP SETTINGS section, tap in the TAP entry box.
4. Enter how often you want the NMEA message to be output by the NavController and tap GET. Enter the value in milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds equals 1 Hz.

NMEA Message Message Information

RawNMEAOutputIntervalGGA Fix data including 3D location and accuracy data
RawNMEAOutputIntervalGSA GPS dilution of precision (DOP) and active satellites
RawNMEAOutputIntervalGST GPS pseudorange noise statistics RawNMEAOutputIntervalVTG Velocity made good
RawNMEAOutputIntervalZDA Date and time

5. To configure the baud rate:
a. Enter “RawNMEAOutputBaudRate” in the TAP entry box, then tap GET.
b. Enter the baud rate that is required by the external device.
c. Tap SET.


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